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PULSAR-8000 MRAM Pulse/Measurement System has Been Qualified by Tier-1…

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5:00 P.M. PST, May 30, 2023 


Henry Patland 

President and CEO 






SANTA CLARA, CA – May 30, 2023: Integral Solutions International (ISI), the world’s leading manufacturer of wafer-level Magnetic Device testers, is pleased to announce that their PULSAR8000 MRAM Pulse Generation and Measurement System has been qualified for use in Production by a Tier-1 customer. 

For either STT or SOT applications the PULSAR-8000 delivers unmatched performance in devicelevel MRAM measurement capability. Write Pulse widths are user-definable from 500pS to 5mS, far exceeding the range of more expensive pulsing equipment available today. Rise/fall pulse timing is 250pS (AC mode), with industry-leading amplitude control of +/-3V. The combination of low noise and automatic gain control allows for the PULSAR-8000 to measure devices from 500 through 200K ohms. 

Following ISI’s mission of providing high-throughput measurement equipment, the PULSAR-8000 complements its Resistance Measurement channel with a new design of their Fast Threshold detector. With this updated Fast Threshold capability the PULSAR-8000 can perform repeated Write/Read measurements at ~4uS cycle rate, ideal for high-repetition measurements such as Error Rate, where the MRAM device switching repeatability must be measured under high repetitions within just a few seconds. This design was recently awarded US Patent #11482295. 

The PULSAR-8000 comes standard with dual-channel capability, for testing up to two STT-MRAM devices at a time. Further, these two channels are synchronized, ideal for SOT-MRAM testing where a balancing pulse must be simultaneously applied to the MTJ during SOT Write-Pulse generation. For even higher throughput, instead of just 1 module the PULSAR-8000 can be ordered with four modules, for testing of up to 8 STT- or 4 SOT-MRAM devices in one touchdown. 

The PULSAR-8000 is seamlessly compatible with the entire portfolio of ISI’s Wafer-Test Magnets, including ISI’s 5K, 10K, and 15K Perpendicular Magnets as well as ISI’s 3-Axis Magnet. The PULSAR-8000 is also compatible with either ISI’s WLA3000 or WLA5000 fully-automated Wafer Testers, or can be used on its own as a standalone Pulse/Measurement system. 

As ISI’s CEO Henry Patland summarizes, “The PULSAR-8000 is a game-changer for MRAM Device Testing, providing unmatched flexibility and performance. We are pleased that this recent shipment to a Tier-1 customer has been qualified for high-volume MRAM device testing.” 

About ISI 

Integral Solutions International (ISI) is a privately held California based US Corporation, established in September 1995. ISI is the world’s leading manufacturer of MRAM and Magnetic Sensor testers. With over 25 years of experience in magnetic measurement technology and an installed base of over 1,000 units across the world, ISI is perfectly positioned to satisfy the testing needs of the emerging MRAM and Magnetic Sensor industries. ISI provides worldwide customer support from the United States, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, China, and Hong-Kong